Heritage Park Crematorium for funerals, cremations, burials, pre-planning and memorials - servicing South East Queensland.

Heritage Park Crematorium

  Questions people ask about Cremation ...
   dot.GIF (868 bytes) How many people use cremation today in Australia?

There are approximately 125,00 deaths in Australia each year, and around 65,000 cremations take place.  The overall average for Australia is just over 50% but it some areas where cremation facilities are more readily available, the rate approaches 70%

   dot.GIF (868 bytes) Does the cremation take place immediately?

Depending on state laws, cremation will take place soon after the service.

   dot.GIF (868 bytes) Is the coffin cremated with the body?


   dot.GIF (868 bytes) Do I get the right cremation ashes?

Yes.  Each coffin is indentified on arrival and is always clearly identified throughout the process.

Contact us: info@heritageparkcrematorium.com.au

  Heritage Park Crematorium

113 Stuart St Goodna, Ph 07 3288 2844

Heritage Park Crematorium and Memorial Gardens feature a modern chapel for all denominations, gardens open to the public at all times, and centrally located to serve Ipswich and the Western Suburbs.

The memorial gardens offer a wide selection of memorials for your consideration.  You may prefer an individual family estate with reservations for the future.  Whatever your choice, our pre-purchase facilities are available.

A peaceful plaque setting

  Buderim Lawn Crematorium

Mooloolaba Road, Buderim, Ph 07 54 446 333

A pleasant waterfall setting for this memorial plaque
Buderim Lawn - a unique concept featuring
  • Modern chapel for all denominations
  • Gardens open to the public at all times
  • Set in magnificent native bushland
  • Centrally located to serve the Sunshine Coast

Buderim Lawn can offer a wide selection of memorials for your consideration.  you may choose a site amongst the native gardens, rose beds, or one of our avenue of Royal Palms.  Our pre-purchase facilities are also available if you prefer an individual family memorial.

Both Buderim Lawn Crematorium and Heritage Park Crematorium are registered with ACCA, the Australian Cemeteries and Crematoria Association. The Australian Crematories and Cemeteries Association

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